Episode 5: Holiday Cookies

Charles casually entered the kitchen. On the counter was the cookie tin. He jumped on the chair and then to the counter top.

He began prying open the metal top. No luck.

Charles After the Cookies

He tried again. No luck.

Charles cried out, "Howdy, come on in the kitchen. No, not into the pantry, over here. Howdy, stop messing in the pantry. Over here!"

Howdy leapt on top of the kitchen counter, saw the cookie tin and, like magic, he was into the cookies, no problem!

Charles dashed into the tin, grabbed two cookies in his mouth, one in each paw and tumbled to the floor in his rush to get outside and begin his Christmas feast.

Howdy casually watched Charles and then carried the entire cookie tin to the sink, washed his hands in a bowl of water and began eating all of the cookies.

Sir Francis, sitting in the corner sighed, "Well, it is Christmas and we should share." So he called out to some of the other animals and they feasted on the crumbs on the floor.

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