Episode 8: New Year's Eve

The preparations for the New Year's Party continued at a furious pace. There was so much to get done.

The hats had arrived. The noise makers were still in the closet, yet to be found.

Sir Francis had organized everything, but each animal was distracted by thoughts of New Year's resolutions...

Big Girl promised to lose weight.

Howdy wanted to get to bed before dawn.

Howdy and Big Girl

Snooks was asleep. He was clueless about any reforms. He was certain he was perfect. "Two wins and no losses in baseball, what else was there?"

Bebop was delirious with his discovery of a new lettuce patch. "I will go to the party later. I am set!"

Frumpy was laying down, trying to gain weight to show the little ones that more fat is a better health approach. She fell asleep and ultimately missed the entire party.

Charles had discovered a wine cellar at the neighbor's house next door. "This works -- hiccup -- this works, but I have a feeling that I won't make the stroke of midnight -- hiccup. I need something to eat!"

Da Morgo was fast asleep. "The party can wait. I need a nap."

Dukester was on to a new smell. "I think it is a prime type of beef coming from the farm house. Yep, I need to head north."

Snooks awoke and started thinking about preparing his favorite New Year's dish. He went into Sir Francis' kitchen and started to bring out materials from the refrigerator.

"Let's see. First, I need to chop the celery. Now, the onions are sweet enough, so they can go into the mix. I hope Julia will visit so I can show her my take on this approach to salad making. She seems to hold on to the classic technique too much. She needs to learn how to improvise."

"Jacque, put that down. He is always fiddling with my stuff."

"Thomas K., you have to be kidding me. No way I am going to pile it that high. Look, you silly fellow, there, you spread it out. Flat is better."

"Okay, anyone know where my La Technique book is? I need to add a new picture and additional language to get this on the right track. The French -- so frustrating. You would think they understood how to prepare food. What nonsense, my little friends across the ocean, we American squirrels developed the stew and that is the end of the story."

Sir Francis listens in amazement. "Snooks is off the charts. But, what the heck, he makes my kitchen come alive. I love it."

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