Episode 17: Lost Chicks

Bebop left the community early one morning. He hopped to his destination with great haste. He peered around him to make sure he was not being watched and dove into a tunnel.

Bebop and the Chicks

There at the bottom was a trio of abandoned chicks. They had wandered away from their Mom and were lost. Bebop herded them into this little area for safety from the rain until he could get them some food.

Bebop unpacked his little bag and gave them some water and grain to eat. They chirped with joy and happiness. Bebop had become their surrogate mother. They cuddled up to him for warmth and the reassuring heartbeat.

Bebop started a quiet thumping with his foot. They jumped on his large paw and began yipping it up like little cowboys. Bebop imagined them with boots and cowboy hats.

After some more fun and frolic, Bebop sang them a lullaby and left them to sleep. He returned to the forest and headed straight to Sir Francis' house.

The topic of what to do with the little ones was the only thing discussed at dinner. Snooks seemed certain their mother would be found. Dukester was not so sure. He had spent two days looking to match the scent with the chicks. No trail. Scribe ran an article in the newspaper looking for help, but heard nothing back from the readers.

Cutter paced and limped. He studied the fire in the fireplace and announced. "This happens way too much. Family separated by accident and mishap. We need a more organized daycare facility. Scribe, write this down."

Cutter spoke with simplicity and elegance. "Our Community -- the headline would read -- needs to care about our babies! Yes, that's it. The headline will read: Our Community -- Our Babies."

"Okay, the lead sentence will be, "Where are your babies and are they safe? Today, hidden for their own protection, three little chicks hover together waiting for food and water. An honorable member of this community, Bebop, tends to their care while Dukester searches for the Mom. Do you think this could happen to your babies? If so, think about helping with the community daycare center. This new project will be spearheaded by your local newspaper editor, Cutter. The first fundraiser will be during tomorrow's practice session with Snooks showing how to pitch and make baseball fun."

Sir Francis smiled. "My goodness I am so proud to live in this community."

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