Episode 35: A Struggle Occurs

Cutter zoomed out the newspaper office door looking for Scribe. The deadline had passed and still no story for today's paper.

Cutter went looking around the community center, the parade grounds, the baseball field, the train station, and then he saw him. Scribe was right in the small grove of trees next to the ticket office.

Cutter could hear the yelling off in the distance.

Scribe shouted, "You can't go into that hole without telling me how it works."

Scribe Grabs Snooks

Snooks shouted back, "You let go of my leg. This is a secret and I can't tell you without Sir Francis giving me permission."

Snooks kept pushing Scribe away with both of his legs while grabbing on to the tree with his little paws, straining to leap down the hole and escape from Scribe.

Scribe yelled back, "I have a right to know everything, I am a reporter."

Cutter tackled Scribe, and Snooks tumbled down into the tree hole. He disappeared in an instant.

Cutter Tackles Scribe

Cutter held Scribe down until he stopped struggling. Cutter said, "Scribe, your behavior is unacceptable. Return to the office immediately."

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