Episode 1: Excitement in the Air

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BebopBebop, the rabbit, was beyond excitement. "It's official. We are going to have a website."

Snooks, the squirrel, zoomed around the corner upon hearing the news. "It's official!" Snooks shouted, "We are going to have a website."

Sir FrancisSir Francis, the mouse, squeaked out to the group, "It's official. We are going to have a website."

The excitement mounted. The community center bell was rung and all of the animals came running. "Is there an emergency?" "Does one of our friends need help?" "Is someone sick?" They all cried out their concern.

"No sillies," Moody, the hoot owl, proudly announced, "We are going to have a website. Don't make such a fuss, you silly creatures." And he flew back to his roost on the limb of his favorite tree.

Flit"Okay, Okay, settle down," said Flit, the hummingbird, as she came to rest on the diving board at pool side. "Now, attention, who is going to appear on the website? What will be the theme? You just can't put up a website and then expect people to come and visit and then come back and visit."

Sweetie Pie"Who is going to do the design work?" asked Sweetie Pie, the deer.

"Yeah, how are they going to see how fast I am?" asked Speedo, the jaguar.

Brea, the little donkey, wanted to know which was her best side.

Frumpy, the silly donkey, said, "Websites are obsolete," and began lecturing the little ones about working on typewriters.

Tex, the turkey, gobbled up the news and announced that he and Ringer would be the stars of the website just after they took their Thanksgiving trip.

Matilda, the other turkey, maintained that her baseball skills would have to be displayed on the website.

HugsHugs, the big, friendly bear, appeared from behind the community center and asked, "What is the address for our website?"

Talking Machine, the hyena, immediately announced, "It is I sure hope we all get to be on the website and run and talk and wave and talk and walk and talk. I want to be the host and interview everyone, and talk some more."

Da MorgoDa Morgo, the beautiful collie, paused in front of the group. "Been there, done that. I helped create This is old news." She yawned and went back to sleep.

DukesterDukester, the trusty bloodhound, was much more motivated. "I want to be in charge of the camera work."

Sioux, the sly old cat, thought the whole thing was being overdone, and ambled off to listen to a jazz CD.

Big Girl, the dairy cow, didn't it get, but wanted to know if they would have a calendar and could she be on the dairy-month page.

High Five, the tall giraffe, voted for being the May calendar picture. "I want to get dates. It's hard to find someone tall enough. You guys don't appreciate the problem."

Charles, the rat, slinked over to the picnic table and began eating everything in sight.


Sir Francis looked around and thought to himself: "But I know one thing: Nothing beats doing things with friends."

And he was right, as usual.

Sir Francis

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