Episode 2: Christmas Lights

Sir Francis heard it first. The tiny claws of Snooks scratching on the door as he entered the house, uninvited. Sir Francis ran after to see what was going to happen.

Snooks headed for the Christmas tree and the lights. Snooks was mesmerized by the lights and then the wires and then the plug in the wall.

SnooksChristmas Lights

Snooks began chewing on the cord and before Sir Francis could tell him to stop -- Bam! Snooks was thrown into the air from the electrical shock and landed flat on his back in the middle of the packages. Crash! went the bows and boxes as they were smashed and bent.

Sir Francis scampered over to check on Snooks. His tail was singed and his eyebrows...well he didn't have any eyebrows left.

Sir Francis chuckled. "Snooks, you're fried."

Snooks, with a glazed look in his eyes got up, stood on his hind legs and fell backwards. "Yikes," Snooks said, "I am dizzy."

Sir Francis laughed. He called out to Matilda who rushed through the open door.

"Well," Matilda said, "What's going on? Huh? Why all the boxes? Hi Snooks, you're looking well. Nice re-do on the tail."

Sir Francis, looking stern, asked Matilda to help get Snooks outside. "He needs some fresh air and a bath. I am afraid he has been overheated!"

And the three of them scampered to the well where Sir Francis gave Snooks a good cleaning from the burnt hair.

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