Episode 11: Marching Band

Sir Francis took his marching band uniform out of the closet. John Phillip Souza would have been proud. The music was his, the look was classic college bandleader, and Sir Francis was already playing the tunes in his head.

Sir Francis Gets his Uniform

Sir Francis dashed to the parade route and lined everyone up two across as follows...

Sir Francis at the lead. Uniform immaculate. Large marching baton shining with gold braids.

Speedo with bass violin and Howdy with hip belt and marching drum.

Brea with cymbals and Frumpy with oboe.

Tex with triangle and metal attached to his neck to make clinging sound and Matilda with tambourine.

Talking Machine with violin and Sioux with clarinet ablaze with magnificent sounds.

Snooks with guitar around his neck already dancing and Hugs pulling the large cannon ready for the crescendo piece.

High Five rustled the leaves to the beat of the assembled group and charged up and down the parade route with elegant strides.

Flit had already begun the arrangements and placement of food and water for the post-parade festivities.

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