Episode 12: Annual Parade

The annual January parade was set to begin. The theme was always "Take Me Back to Where I Belong."

Sir Francis looked smart in his band leader's outfit. January was always the outfit with the black stripe down the side of the pants, heavy blue coat with gold braids that sparkled, and hat -- that famous high, top hat.

He raised his large marching baton into the air, gave his usual signal of three quick lifts, and they were off.

Sir Francis Leads the Parade

Scribe watched from the sidelines and took notes for the paper. Cutter marched in the parade as usual. Dukester took pictures with his Nikon.

Then Speedo began to sing.

Speedo had a deep, caring voice that resonated with mournful loss of place. This was his famous annual song fest. The event was always soulful. He reminded everyone, with his voice, that they came from afar and journeyed down a long road, maybe never returning to their ancestral home.

The other animals recognized that this was the event that marked the beginning of each year. This was the event that brought home the reality of parents, grandparents, homeland, history and more.

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