Episode 13: Party

Flit had it all arranged. Food, water, blankets, a view, large radio and mounds of ice cream for dessert.

Flit Prepares the Picnic

The parade was close and Flit was ready. They rounded the corner and there was Sir Francis. "My gosh he looks handsome. Sometimes I think his marching outfit is the best thing he wears during the year, although I remember when he was young he used to wear that snazzy swimming suit with tank top, and the girls just thought he was yummy!"

Big Girl had already stepped on everything in preparation for the feast. Par for the course, but hey, a party is a party. Everyone gets to dance and walk and talk to their own beat.

There it was -- boom, boom, boom -- Hugs had done his part and now the fiesta was to begin.

Snooks headed directly for the ice cream and was multi-colored and shivering in no time. Paw prints across the cookies and his electric guitar hanging from a branch.

Sir Francis took his place on a large blanket. He was well satisfied. The parade had started on time, the sounds were great, and the food and party atmosphere was grand.

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