Episode 14: Springtime

Bebop's heart was throbbing. Valentine's Day was coming, baseball season, spring weather, and a new lettuce crop. This was going to be the best time!

Bebop Dancing

Snooks was in full glory. Nuts everywhere and that was just at the mall. Imagine looking in the woods.

"Heart beats, sappy eyes, smells...ah," Sir Francis thought, "spring and babies. Every year it is great and here we go again."

Hugs, out of his long winter nap, stretched, yawned and went toward the river. "Maybe a tasty, moist treat to make my day start with a high protein charge. Smell that fresh air. I am happy." He hugged a tree. "Nothing like wrapping your arms around something alive."

There was music in the air. Talking Machine had his violin at rapid speed. The sounds were glorious.

Brea was nudging a little one along toward a green pasture. They were content and happy in the sounds and smells of the woods.

Sioux was leaping with the sights of all the other animals. "What a wonderful place to be, here with Sir Francis and all of his friends."

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