Episode 15: I Got a Gal

Speedo ran back and forth and to and fro. "I got a gal!" he shouted to no one and everyone. He darted to the top of the hill and down into the valley. "I got a gal. I got a gal."

Speedo Running

He started over to Sir Francis' house. "Sir Francis, you got to play those ivories. I got a gal."

Sir Francis popped his head out of the shower. "Yes, Speedo, you got a gal. I saw her. Cute as, well, cute as they come. Let's party!"

Of course, none of the animals ever needed much of an excuse to party. The community bell was rung eight times. That would do it. The key sound to assemble and party.

Charles arrived first, off of his diet and looking for more things to gobble up.

Next came Tex and Ringer. They were comparing wing length, first base stretch issues, and sinking your foot into the bag ahead of the runner.

More animals arrived. They partied through the night. No one seemed to worry about the rain falling. It is just good times for all.

Moody seemed to be a little out of sorts, but hoot, that is just Moody.

Sir Francis started dancing the Jitterbug. "Hey, anyone else want to dance?" and he continued on with eternal excitement and lots of enthusiasm.

High Five showed up and felt low. His head was a little down.

"Hey, High Five, what's wrong?" asked Flit.

"I hit my head on a branch. I was distracted by this cool leaf and I didn't watch where I was going."

Then, the sun came up and they all headed home exhausted.

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