Episode 16: Bear Market

"Ahhh," Sir Francis let out a sigh. He had checked the morning paper and all of his investments were down.

Sir Francis Reads the Morning Paper

The partnership in the grinding mill, closed. His mobile mice moving transportation investment engine, blown. The income from his overseas reconstruction and rehabilitation company, under water.

Snooks came around and saw that Sir Francis was glum. "Hey Sir Francis, why the long face?"

"Oh, my hopes are dashed. I have nothing left in my long term position. They are kaput!"

"Well, you should see my long ball. I have been practicing from centerfield. If I don't stay as pitcher, then I could play centerfield. My throw to the cutoff man is accurate and timely."

"Hey, that is cool," said Howdy, "but, we still need you as our pitcher."

"Yes, it's true, I am terrific," sighed Snooks. "I guess I will always be the pitcher."

Big Girl came by to see Sir Francis. "Did you see the stock market? It is way down. My dairy energizer group is off 64 percent. My curds and whey is holding even, but under pressure."

Charles came by and complained about the quality of food being dropped at the local market. "People seem distracted. Must be the end of the holidays. Oh well, I need to start my diet. Just look at my stomach. So big, so bold, so me, but I need to take off an ounce."

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