Episode 19: Community Discussion

With the public announcement of the three lost chicks being cared for by Bebop, the community discussion had begun almost immediately.

Three Chicks

The critical item would be to integrate the chicks into their new community and, yet, let them develop their own identity. Bebop would lead the planning committee. "Well, it is like they just moved to town without any resources. We have to make them feel welcome."

Cutter cleared his blustery voice and pronounced, "This will set the standards for how we, as a community, reach out to the less, uh, less, uh...those for whom the assistance of others is important."

Scribe was taking all of this down. The newspaper was going to make a big show of the importance of this concept to the animals. The issues of relocation, health, food, schooling, and reuniting with the parents would make a marvelous series.

Frumpy allowed that she "wandered, alone and quite well, in her youth, so why not just let them wander about our community."

Sir Francis watched this debate and pondered, "There are some strong opinions on this issue." He decided to watch and wait.

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