Episode 21: Controversy

Snooks took a little nap. He was exhausted from helping Bebop take care of the chicks.

The worry had set in. Who was going to raise the little ones? Everyone in the community loved babies, but it was going to take lots of day-to-day care.

Bebop was totally faithful to the task. Every day water and food was delivered down the hole. Every day the little chicks rode on Bebop's big foot like little cowboys.

Bebop Plays with the Chicks

Snooks was always watching out for strangers that might enter the hole. Standing guard quietly was hard for Snooks. He was used to being active. Warming up his pitching arm. Playing guitar. Getting ready for the parades. Cooking his American-style flat food.

Meanwhile, the "salad wars" had heated up. Thomas K had launched his first "counter salad" at the newspaper. Then, surprise items would show up at the community center. Large, tall and wide. No aspect of flat was allowed. Even the butter came in large, tall shapes, with silverware rounded, full bodied. Knives had three dimensional elements. Flat plates disappeared. The shapes and curves were everywhere.

Sir Francis, afraid that the controversy would spill over into the community, announced that perspective was important. A "fusion" of different styles was appropriate.

But the "contest" continued. Rumors spread that Thomas K was not welcome at the ballgames. The fear that his presence would distract Snooks from winning was overwhelming the crowd.

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