Episode 22: Forest Gathering

Bebop and Snooks are big time pals. They do a lot together. They define friendship. One thinks about something and the other senses it and off they go.

Da Morgo is a big pal of theirs. They run free through the woods. They chase and run and play. They are all happy.

Bebop, Da Morgo, and Snooks Run Free

Music is in their souls. They love sounds and smells and each other. Da Morgo feints left and runs right. Bebop bounces on his back and puts his paws in the air. He is riding the bike in his mind. Snooks is warming up. There is a big nut. He plans on cracking it.

Oh lordy, these guys are cool and they start to play their jazz CDs. What a riot! The other animals come along one at a time.

All of a sudden the baseball equipment shows up. The team is assembling. The game is going to start. Hugs puts on his catcher's mask. Hugs does the signals. Right paw on left shoulder. Left foot dances out and back.

Ringer moves in from first. The signal to the outfield goes out and they move closer. The batter can't hit the long ball. Howdy moves in at shortstop. Brea holds a foot on third, extends his body toward second base. Speedo, solid on second, and then moves toward first.

The batter ain't got a chance. Hugs calls for a fastball. Snooks shakes it off. Hugs signals curve. Snooks lets it fly. Across and right. Strike one.

Snooks pitches a fastball. The batter hits it long. Oh no, everyone is out of position.

Matilda heads back toward the fence. "I can't get it," she thinks, "I can't get it."

Oh no, it's -- it's -- it's in her glove. She hits the wall, gets up and throws it in. She wonders, "How did I do that?"

Sir Francis is ecstatic. "The best team I have every coached."

Charles waits for something to drop at the concession stand.

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