Episode 25: Family Reunion

The hero was Flit. She had observed a great commotion off in the distance. She flew to investigate. She called High Five into the search.

Mother Hen with Flit and High Five

The mother of the chicks was found. She had wandered by mistake to a farmhouse in search of shelter for her babies. A giant storm broke out and separated her from her little ones. There she was, hiding under the house from the heavy rain. She stayed on alert for signs of her family but no signs showed up.

She scoured the countryside but found nothing. She went back to the community center, but it was closed. She went from door to door looking for her babies, but people were gone. Away. Visiting. Out. Shopping.

It was as if the fates had conspired to keep them separated. But time and Flit finally solved the problem.

Now, a big party was being planned and a parade was going to be set in Bebop's honor. He had saved the day and saved the family.

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