Episode 28: Billiards

Sir Francis heard the crash of billiard balls in the distance. "Ah, this warrants some inspection." So he scampered off toward the sound of sticks and balls.

Sir Francis rounded the corner at the community hall and spotted High Five setting up another rack of balls. Quite an effort getting his neck through the open window, but he seemed so graceful.

"Yo!" Snooks yelled out to Sir Francis, "Take a look at this shot!"

Snooks Lines Up a Shot

Snooks put the cue stick behind his back and smacked the cue ball into the eight ball, which rolled into the corner. "I win again."

Howdy looked glum. "Yikes, Snooks is good for such a short fella!" Howdy was not taking his losses well.

Sir Francis leapt up on the pool table and said to one and all, "But I know one thing, nothing beats doings things with friends."

And he was right, as usual.

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