Episode 29: The Debate

The debate raged long into the afternoon.

Snooks would not play pool. "I don't like pockets! I won't wear them on anything but my vest, and I don't like pockets on my billiard table."

Hugs nodded in agreement. "It has to do with angles and eye perception. If you are good in baseball, then billiards is where your 'stick' game is going to be."

Snooks, Hugs, and Howdy Debate

Howdy was incensed. "I think you guys are snobs! All over America pocket pool is the game, just like baseball is the game. Billiards is a snooty deal, and it ain't for this American raccoon pool hustler."

Scribe was taking all of this down. More controversy for the paper. Snooks' name associated with any article was guaranteed to attract readers and letters to the editor. Cutter loved controversy and letters. Now Scribe had another item, Billiards vs. Pocket Pool.

Cutter came from an old Maine family and was taught billiards at a young age. "Billiards is the game for the sophisticated sportsman. Sharp eyes, subtle control of the cue stick, harmony in motion."

Howdy responded with, "Poppycock! Pocket pool requires the same mental acumen and clear vision and foresight. In Maine you have to deal with them New Yorkers and all that European tradition. Oh heck, next we will have to dress up for dinners at the community center. Snooks will be piling his creations high, like Thomas K, and not flat. Just look at Cutter, he flattens everything with his tail and then eats it. Now he claims that in Maaaine they play billiards. Poppycock, I say poppycock!"

Sir Francis was chalking his cue and smiling at the debate. He could hear everything from his table. Then he shot hard at the cue ball sending the eight ball into the side pocket. "Rack'em Da Morgo. We got a hot 'American' game of eight ball going here!"

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