Episode 30: Cutter's Limp

Cutter limped into the community center.

The program had been organized around the theme of helping those who can't help themselves. He again found the access ramp blocked by some of the baseball equipment. He had to struggle up the stairs. His leg hurt, but he made it.

Cutter Encounters Baseball Equipment

Cutter entered the assembly hall and everyone seemed to already be there and waiting. He climbed on to the podium.

"Hello everyone. I am sorry I am late, but the cause is exactly the purpose of this meeting."

"As you all know, I hurt myself building a dam a long time ago. I walk with a limp and it hurts and aches off and on. Today, the baseball equipment blocked the access ramp and I had to scamper over the steps, which is uncomfortable at times."

"The issue before us is mostly about being thoughtful. It is just like when the little ones have to be watched crossing the street and avoiding situations where they might be hurt. Think ahead! It's that simple, think ahead."

Snooks raised his paw, "What is it you want us to do?"

Cutter cleared his throat and said, "I want us to think as a community. To be considerate as a community and to care as a community."

"But what does that mean?" asked Bebop.

"I will tell you what that means," Speedo quickly asserted, "Just watch this." Speedo and Charles ran outside, moved the baseball equipment from the access ramp and came back into the assembly room with big smiles. "It means it feels good to do something nice and to think about helping others."

Then Charles jumped on Speedo's back and they ran around the room with a feeling of joy.

Cutter walked back down the access ramp with a sense of dignity and honor, his head held high.

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