Episode 31: Hugs and Snooks Pack

Snooks packed his valise for a trip to Cooperstown, New York. A visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame had always been a dream of his.

He knew he wanted to pack his baseball shoes, glove and the baseball he got from W. He would also need his uniform, cap and rosin bag. There would be bats all around, so he left his at the Community Center storage room.

Snooks Packs for Cooperstown

Snooks also took two pair of shorts, some T-shirts, his billiard vest, cue stick and case, toothbrush, a little tin of chocolate covered nuts, six Baby Ruth candy bars, and his picture of Nolan Ryan. He also assembled his guitar and carrying case. He decided that his guitar amp with battery pack was essential for the parades.

Hugs was taking his large trunk. It was the same one he used every summer for camp. Inside the trunk he very neatly placed one cap, one uniform, one face mask, his cleated shoes, toothbrush, towels, baseball cards, one large cannon and two cannon balls for parades, bubble gum, handkerchiefs, T-shirts and running shoes.

Snooks and Hugs had agreed to meet at the train station one hour before departure. Hugs lifted the trunk on his shoulder as if it weighed only a pound. No one else on the trip would ever be able to lift it.

Snooks gathered everything under his arms, except for the amp, which he rolled behind him on its little nut wheels.

Hugs and Snooks Meet at the Station

They both arrived at the station on time and gave each other big kisses. The excitement of seeing the Baseball Hall of Fame was in the air!

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