Episode 32: At the Station

The train pulled into the station with a loud screech.

Snooks jumped at the sound. He turned and threw his valise toward what he thought was a runner. It was an instinctive reaction, he was just a natural pitcher.

Snooks Throws His Valise

The train conductor picked up the valise and returned it to Snooks. Hugs could not stop laughing at the thought of Snooks throwing his valise like a baseball, putting the runner out at first base.

Sir Francis, who had come to see them off, dashed up to his friends and ran circles of excitement around them. "Welcome, oh, I mean have a good trip, oh goodbye, oh I am sad, but happy...the Baseball Hall of goodness, what a treat for you both. Some day Snooks will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but that is a long time away."

He then motioned to his two friends. "Pick up everything and follow me. Be quiet, I have a secret place to show you, my good friends."

Sir Francis darted around to the side of the train station and into a small grove of trees. He waited for Snooks and Hugs to catch up with him.

"Quick, over here. Quick, quick, quick! Now, first you, Hugs, and then you, Snooks, into the hole in this tree."

Hugs and Snooks Enter the Tree Hole

Swish! and they disappeared, one after the other, with all of their things.

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