Episode 34: Afternoon at the Lake

Snooks and Hugs ran off to the lake. The wave that Hugs made jumping into the lake caused the little boats to rock back and forth. Snooks put on some goggles and leapt into the water. It was ice cold and his little tail sprung into the air as if frozen.

Hugs and Snooks Jump into the Lake

They both swam out to the middle of the lake and back to shore. Out of the water and shivering, they wished Da Morgo was with them to start a fire, like he did back home.

Snooks also realized that he was hungry and ate one of his Baby Ruth candy bars. Hugs smiled and thought of the great batter that inspired him as a little bear cub to take up baseball.

Exhausted from their day, they found a comfortable spot in the woods and soon fell asleep with a wonder of all of the beauty in the world.

Snooks awoke with a start. It dawned on him that Sir Francis was the greatest magician alive. Such magic, to be able to travel around the world, from one tree hole to another tree hole, and then back home again.

Snooks quickly made a trophy out of a magnificent piece of oak and inscribed it to "Sir Francis, World's Greatest Magician."

He ran back over to the grove of trees near the train station and returned home through the hole in the tree. He dashed over to Sir Francis' house, quietly put the trophy on the dining room table, and darted outside.

Snooks at the Tree Hole

Then, just as Snooks was about to leap back into the tree hole, he felt someone grab his leg.

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