Episode 38: The Hall of Fame

Back at Cooperstown, first thing the next morning, Snooks and Hugs marched up to the Baseball Hall of Fame with smiles as big as rainbows.

Snooks ran from room to room for hours. Hugs mostly spent time reading about the old legends of baseball and looking at all of their gear behind the big windows. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, and many more.

Hugs and Snooks at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Snooks never once thought about his struggle with Scribe at the tree hole. Hugs did not know about it at all.

By the time Hugs and Snooks left the Museum they were both elated. It had been a wonderful day.

They strolled back to the little ring of trees near the Cooperstown train station. They gathered up all their things and stepped into the tree hole. Whoosh, they were headed back home.

Meanwhile, Cutter and Scribe had been hatching a plan to pursue the story of the Magic Tree Hole.

Scribe was very direct, "Mr. Cutter, sir, this is an unprecedented story of the greatest magnitude. It could be a way for the animals to travel easily and without cost. I can assure you that my conduct will be one hundred percent professional."

"My dear friend Scribe," said Cutter, "let's get to work."

Cutter and Scribe Go to Work

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