Episode 39: Sir Francis Gets a Call

Cutter and Scribe marched into the newspaper War Room. It was a windowless room that was used for important strategy sessions. It contained reference books, picture books, old newspapers, a computer hooked up to the Internet and much more.

Scribe said, "Let's call Sir Francis for an interview. An 'on the record' call asking about the tree hole."

Cutter thought for a minute, "No, let me call him and ask for an 'off the record' interview in person. I think that is the proper way to do this."

Cutter Calls Sir Francis

Cutter reached for his cellular phone and dialed Sir Francis' number. It rang several times and then Sir Francis answered the phone. "Hi Sir Francis, this is Cutter over at the newspaper. I would like to come by and ask you a few questions about Snooks and 'The Magic Tree Hole.' Would that be all right? It would be off the record."

"Sure, come on over," said Sir Francis. "I'll make some tea for us to drink. Are you coming right now?"

"Yes," Cutter replied, "Scribe and I will be right over."

Scribe was grinning from ear to ear. "This is going to be fun. What a thrill to be investigating the story of the century!"

Cutter also had a big grin. "This is as exciting as the newspaper business gets, Scribe," he said. "Let's go!"

And off they ran to Sir Francis' house.

Cutter and Scribe Approach Sir Francis' House

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