Episode 40: The Interview Begins

The door to Sir Francis' house was open. Cutter and Scribe bounded up on the porch and into the living room. Sir Francis was there with a big greeting. "Hi guys, have a seat. Anyone want something to drink? I have tea, coffee, water and some snacks."

Cutter and Scribe at Sir Francis' House

Cutter and Scribe politely declined the offer of food and drink. Then Cutter began to speak, "Now Sir Francis, I want you to hear this story directly from Scribe."

"That is fine." said Sir Francis.

Scribe turned toward Sir Francis. He began, "I saw Snooks jump out of a tree hole in the grove near the train station. He ran to your house, with a small trophy in his hands, and placed it on your table. He then ran back to the grove of trees and disappeared into the same tree hole. Just before he disappeared I grabbed his leg. I asked him about the tree hole and he said you would have to give him permission to tell me about it." Scribe paused and took a breath, "So, Sir Francis, what is this all about?"

Sir Francis scampered over to his bookcase and pulled the little trophy off of the shelf. "Oh, Scribe, you must mean my 'Greatest Magician' trophy. I found it here, but did not know that it came from Snooks. And you say you saw him jump out of a tree hole and then return to it and jump back into the hole?"

The 'Greatest Magician' Trophy

"Yes, exactly," Scribe said, relieved that the trophy was exactly as he had described it to Cutter.

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