Episode 41: The Underground

Snooks and Hugs decided to stop in the Underground before returning home. They laid their things down and looked around. The place was busy with traveling animals from everywhere.

Snooks said, "Let's wander over to the water fountain, I am thirsty."

"Okay," said Hugs, "That sounds like a good idea."

They ambled over to the fountain and drank their fill. The visit to Cooperstown had been very tiring. They wondered about resting before resuming their travels.

Just then, Snooks spotted a nut store. The sign read "Special on Nuts Today - A Squirrel's Delight, Come on In and Nose Around!"

Snooks darted toward the entrance and jumped into the first batch. He burrowed deep into the barrel and ate to his heart's content.

Hugs found a scarf boutique and tried on different colors and lengths of cloth. He wondered how he would look in the yellow one and walked over to the mirror. He thought he was quite the dashing fellow.

They decided it was time to continue their journey. Snooks led the way back to the tunnel system. They stepped in and quickly popped out back home with all of their travel gear, a large bag of peanuts for Snooks, and the brand new yellow scarf tied loose around Hug's neck.

"Ah" Hugs exclaimed. "It's good to be back home with all of our friends.

"Yes," said Snooks.

And they walked hand in hand away from the grove of trees near the train station. The trip was over!

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