Episode 42: Sir Mallory Hinton

Sir Francis stretched his little legs and had the biggest grin on his face. "Oh yes, The Magic Tree Hole. I was entrusted with this knowledge a long time ago. I had debated for the longest time about who in our community should take the first trip and learn about the thrill of travel."

"You mean to say you don't deny knowing about it," blurted out Scribe.

"Quiet, and let Sir Francis finish his story" Cutter commented to Scribe.

Scribe eased back into his chair and moved his ears forward to listen to Sir Francis.

Sir Francis began the marvelous story of the origin of The Magic Tree Hole...

"It all began a very long time ago. There was a giant flood and the animals gathered from afar and huddled together in a big boat. It rained and rained. Then slowly, day by day, the rain stopped and finally the boat settled on to a giant rock."

"They all began to scamper to the ground to find food. There was just a little here and a little there, but not enough for everyone. They came together for a meeting to decide on what should be done to solve this problem."

"Many of the animals spoke. The giant elephant, the tiny titmouse, and more like the butterfly, egret, raccoon, and monkey. But confusion was everywhere. 'How do we get back to our homes? How do we find our ancestors? Where will we find food?' And the questions continued into the night and again the next day and again and again and again."

"Finally, one of my great, great, great, great, great, ancestors, Sir Mallory Hinton rose to the assembled crowd. A hush fell over all of the animals. Sir Mallory Hinton was one of the most respected members of the animal kingdom."

"Sir M, as we referred to him in family gatherings, climbed upon the back of the elephant and shouted for everyone to be still. 'Quiet there in the back. Quiet in the front. Stop your worrying.'"

"Sir M looked down and waited for total silence. He then spoke quietly into the ear of the elephant, who then roared each comment to the far flung crowd."

"The elephant loudly spoke, 'The solution is very simple. Sir M says just line up as far as you can down the hill and into the valley. We will march to The Magic Tree Hole and we will then all journey to our homes through the portal. Along your journey you can stop in The Underground and find plenty of food, water, and clothing for your every need.'"

"The animals did as they were told and for as far as the eye could see there were animals in a line deep into the valley."

Cutter and Scribe stared at each other. Their mouths opened wide with wonder and disbelief.

Sir Francis smiled, knowing he had begun one of the greatest stories of all times.

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