Episode 43: The Beginning

"The oak tree stands tall and majestic. Its roots deep into the ground."

"The great wind from the north blows hard at the giant oak. It whistles and the wind burrows deep into the side of the tree."

"The squirrel climbs up and down the giant oak. Its little paws leaving scratch marks and then the wind blows away the bark."

"The rain hits the hole made from the wind. The great floods soak the tree and then a raccoon climbs around the tree at night. Slowly the little hole gets big, and bigger and then it gets deep."

"The birds nest in the hole and in the spring, the little baby birds peck for worms and insects. Over the years the hole gets bigger still."

Sir Francis can see that Scribe and Cutter are mesmerized by the tale. He sips some tea and continues his story...

"The discovery of the hole by the tunnel-diggers of the animal kingdom created a great stir. The moles had but one mission in life, to dig and dig and dig. The discovery of the giant oak was a marvel for the moles."

"They worked around the clock digging deep into the earth in every direction. After many centuries they connected tree after tree in every part of the world."

"And that is the beginning of The Magic Tree Hole," said Sir Francis.

Just then Snooks and Hugs barged into the living room.

"What a great trip, thank you Sir Francis," said Snooks.

"Oh what a place the Baseball Hall of Fame is to visit," said Hugs.

Snooks spotted Scribe sitting in the chair. He rushed over to him, gave him a big hug around the neck and playful pulled at his leg.

"Hey," said Snooks, "Here is a tug on your leg for the one you gave!"

And all of them rushed in the kitchen for one of Snook's grand, flat meals. They were all joyous to be together again.

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