Episode 44: The Security Issue

The Stanimals community has become concerned about their security. They have asked Hugs to take charge.

Sir FrancisSir Francis speaks up, "Okay, settle down. Get out of the water trough! We are here today to select the head of our security team. Hugs has been nominated unanimously. Snooks will serve as his courier. I will be the command and control center. Any questions?"


"Good, Then let's get Hugs sworn in." Sir Francis addresses Hugs directly,"Will you honor our strict code of conduct: No Violence?"

HugsHugs, paw held high, answers, "Yes!"

Sir Francis: "Will you obey the community?"

Hugs: "Yes," paw held high.

Sir Francis looked around and thought to himself, "But I know one thing, nothing beats doing things with friends."

And he was right, as usual.

Sir Francis

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