Episode 45: The Olympics

It's official.

The Olympics are going to be held in the Stanimal's community.

All arrangements are being handled by Sir Francis.

The Olympics are entirely an IOC event.

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International Olympic Committee
Comité International Olympique
Formation 1894
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Lausanne, Switzerland
Membership 205 National Olympic Commitees
Official languages English, French
President Jacques Rogge

The International Olympic Committee (French: Comité International Olympique) is an organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland, created by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas on June 23, 1894. Its membership consists of the 205 National Olympic Committees.

The IOC organizes the modern Olympic Games held in Summer and Winter, every four years. The first Summer Olympics organized by the International Olympic Committee held in Athens, Greece, in 1896; the first Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France, in 1924. Until 1992, both Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year. After that year, however, the IOC shifted the Winter Olympics to the even years between Summer Games, to help space the planning of the two events two years apart from one another.

Sir Francis

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